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Reclaim the dinner table

Reclaim the dinner table

The beacon is a unique, creative way to teach kids about the importance of unplugging and connecting on a personal level with the family. And when the unplugging is automatic through technology, you don't have to constantly remind your children to put away their phones.

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Beacon in actoin

How it works

  • Bluetooth Beacon

    When you have the Ransomly app installed on your Android phone and you are in range of a Ransomly Beacon, the home screen will be locked. It's perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, classrooms or wherever you want to create a space to connect with those around you. When your IOS phone comes in range, it will receive a notification to put away your phone.

  • Android

    Our beacon will work perfectly with most Android phones. It will make the home screen inaccessible when it comes in range of our beacon.

6.5 hours/day

6.5 hours/day

BBC News reported that 6.5 hours/day of screen time is the average amount of time spent on screens by 5 to 16 year olds

13% addicted

13% addicted

13 % addicted to their phone according to a study conducted by the University of Derby.

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